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ContrastControlBanner2James West is a published music author for over 2 years and has contributed to Rock Thiz Magazine and Indie Rock Magazine. His website Contrast Control, offers music that is friendly for all ages of music lovers. Click here for Contrast Control


“Lucky Star Radio – The Source of Media & Entertainment” Providing great music and DJ’s that entertain as much as connect with their audience. Click here for Lucky Star Radio


Wicked D Harrison offers great advice for the aspiring musician to make a success of their career. Click here for Networkordie


The One Magazine is guaranteed to meet all your needs for the latest in Music, TV, and Films. Click here for The One Magazine

Twisters Music is proud to boast that we add new content multiple times EVERY DAY!! We focus on Indie Bands from all around the world as well as local Jacksonville, Florida) unsigned bands, Indie Music and more! Checkout for your daily dose of what’s happening in the music scene no matter where you are!

Crim Radio is DEDICATED to streaming Independent and New Rock and Metal bands from around the world. Visit Crim Radio Here!