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MUSIC NEWS: “We Are Band Nerds” Release Lyric Video

We Are Band Nerds have released their Lyric Video “Whore (Mend My Soul)”

We Are Band Nerds


Brandon Cross (lead singer)
Tony “Najee” Lucas (rapper)
Dorian “Scullie” Thomas (Guitar)
DJ Sol Los (Dj and Sampler)
Santos “Sandman” Johnson (bass)
Stephen “” Bonilla (drums)

The “Band Nerds” are based out of Dallas, Texas. Their sound is a unique take on your typical “nu metal” experience as it creatively blends elements of jazz, metal, electronic, rap & rock music. They are “Deftones meets Outkast, weaving the former’s melodic approach to hard rock with the latter’s eclectic style of hip hop to create a unique tapestry of sound, allowing their music to appeal to a variety of individuals with a range of life experiences.

What is the song about?

“Whore” takes you on a journey through the aftermath of a failed relationship, how you emerge as nothing more than a mere shadow of the person you once were. The sheer thought of connecting with another person, in the same way, fills you with pure disgust and more than anything you just want to close your eyes and scream while you search for your next temporary fix.

Learn more on the band’s OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE



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