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Product Review: Wonder Wafers

Wonder Wafers banner

Wonder Wafers – The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners!®

Published by Yvonne on March 30, 2015

Usually, I don’t stray too far from music-related topics but thought I would try my hand at periodically reviewing products & services. Let me know what you think.

I’ve recently discovered Wonder Wafers, billed as “The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners!®”. While I may have only recently stumbled upon them, the team behind Wonder Wafers have actually been around for nearly four decades. Founded by David and Cheryl Mobley this innovative company has also invented many “firsts” in the Air Freshener Industry:

  • In 1980 they introduced the 2oz pump spray retail air freshener
  • In 1984 they introduced a non-flammable liquid air freshener
  • In 1985 they introduced & expanded the largest line of air freshener selections to the industry
  • In 1986 they introduced Insta-Scent – the first of its kind liquid concentrated air freshener

Another first for the couple came when they invented, patented, and introduced Wonder Wafers. This invention forever changed the way the Car Wash and Automotive Air Freshener Industries applied and sold their air fresheners.

Wonder Wafers packet

But Wonder Wafers are not just for big industry or for vehicles only. I do use them in my car but I also use in my home and when traveling. I love them! I know I said earlier that this was a non-music-related post but now that I think about it…

There are practically no limitations to where Wonder Wafers can be used. Your band’s jam room or practice studio can probably use a little freshening up. How about guitar & travel cases? And you know what it’s like to be holed up in a tour van for weeks. Musicians with a lodging budget can use them in motel rooms. And if you’re crashing on someone’s floor, use them out of courtesy for your host.

Wonder Wafers cannister

All in all Wonder Wafers are the safest and easiest-to-use air fresheners on the market today. They are air-activated, environmentally friendly and contain zero carcinogens. I highly recommend this product!

– Yvonne Laughlin


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