Her Bed of Thorns’ Alive

Encinitas, CA is known as the home of HBot, or Her Bed of Thorns, a San Diego hard rock quartet moving up the ranks locally as a group of guys that have stuck to how they play and the feelings in which they play both musically in the studio and when playing live in front of their fans and new fans alike. Once first started in 2007, the band was a heavier and harder contrast of what people get to hear today. Bringing in influences from classic bands such as Zeppelin, Sabbath, and Skynyrd, HBoT decided the best sound to what made them feel more complete was a toned-down, groovier, bluesy, alternative hard rock version of their personal “old” sound. They have stuck with this sound, and it is paying off.

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Irick has the ultimate grittiness to his voice, which fits the bands sound perfectly, and in which he can skillfully tune up or down depending on what the music is doing – a complete hard rock sound. Tim Micholson’s lead guitar skills are prominent throughout the album, with each of his solos having the “blow you away” effect to one’s ears. Bil Griffith’s bass playing is truly how the band’s groove-laden theme can be heard. There is no doubt that, without him, they just wouldn’t have the right stuff. Drummer Will Thompson’s badass snare and cymbal work completely rounds out the band as a whole from beginning of the record to the very end.

The title tracks “Alive” and the song “Broken” are examples of my description of their sound. Both give the listener the raw and unadulterated alternative hard rock “grunge-like” stylings HBoT thrive at and each are infused with bluesy solos, stand-out bass playing, percussion perfection, and extremely catchy rhythms. The band has also proven they can take the music to a wonderful slower speed with power ballads and totally chill, slow-moving unplugged jams. Songs of these caliber can be found in the forms of “Better Way”, “Fall Down”, “I.O.U.”, and “Help Me”.  Then, really to give the record that much more, they put in a song named “Bad Girl”, which in and of itself, lets everybody know they can put the rock & roll mystique and mindset into their creation.

The 10 song album has everything a fan of hard rock could ask for. Her Bed of Thorns are a breath of fresh air in this rough music industry. They dedicated themselves to putting together a killer record with the songs that make them a great combination of their influences in the bands and genres they bring into play. There really is no comparison to any other band trying to make a name right now. Hell, I cannot make a comparison to any other band…period. There is no reason why they cannot be a national name right now. They are clawing and fighting their way, and they are fighting well.

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