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“Artistry in music is still alive and well and Marc Malone is living proof of that once again with this new single!” – MUEN Magazine

Marc Malone is a Celtic-Hard Rock Artist, Producer and Guitar Virtuoso. The first of a kind. He possesses the passion to bring genuine and inspiring music back into the mainstream. After nearly a decade of playing guitar, Marc set his sights on becoming a singer/songwriter, alongside his guitar playing prowess. After finding an outlet through his writing, Each song was penned about incidents that occured throughout his life, and calling it therapy, he started work on his demo EP, Shades of Reality. As well as being diverse in musical style, each song on that record is credible in relation to people’s lives, whether it be homelessness; “Don’t Forget,” or not losing hope; “Living Proof.”

From self-promotion alone, the EP charted in the top hundreds of all releases on Amazon. Marc finished his first tour of Britain during the summer of 2011, accompanied by radio spots along the way. Before starting work on his much anticipated debut LP… Marc has promised that this record will have a heavier feel musically, exploring darker lyrical themes, and have a much more technical sound. The album will be in two parts, Part I is expected for an early summer release.

“Marc Malone has great potential for the future of guitar” – Paul Turner, Jamiroquai.

Marc has been within the industry since the age of 16, and has performed for members of Kasabian, Jamiroquai and more. Marc has been compared to Artist’s such as Slash with his artistry, as well as acts like R.E.M., Alice In Chains & Metallica, all of whom he affirms are influences to him. He has recently released the single, “The Need For Greed” which received great words from ‘Underground Guitarist’, as well as radio in the UK & US. It can be heard on those Assame radio stations nationwide accompanied by interviews with Marc. The single has also been warmly received on US Radio with airplay in New York, Seattle, Philadelphia and California, alongside debut single, “Living Proof” which had received acclaim through reviews by MUEN Magazine and The Rock Queen Jenny Tate on Rhubarb Radio.

The Need For Greed CD coverMarc Malone, based out of ‘the home of heavy metal’ in Birmingham, England, is currently working on a double EP (Debut Album), to be released in two parts. Part I to be released early summer, and Part II to be released in late winter. The album is a concept album called “Shadow Side”, based on the Carl Jung Shadow Psychology.

“The idea came from when I was reading about how Jung explains not only do we have shadows of ourselves, i.e. repressed feelings and memories, but also we are repressed by society. This album is basically a tribute to anyone who feels like they don’t belong, I’m here to tell you, you are not alone.” Currently in the studio writing and recording, gearing up for a UK national tour in the summer and a 2013 tour across Europe and the US.

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