Static Fiction

Static Fiction promoPaul Lapinsky – Guitar/vox
Noah James – Guitar
Ryan Brown – Bass
Derek Goodwin – Drums

Founding members Paul Lapinsky and Ryan Brown teamed up with drummer Derek Goodwin and guitar player Noah Dunbar to bring you the new Static Fiction. With the new talent Static Fiction is now heavier than before. With Noah guitar squeals and Derek’s drum fills Static Fiction has found it’s missing pieces.

The new music has the classic harmonies that fans fell in love with but has the attack that anybody can bang their head to. With Ryan Greene leading the charge in the studio for the second time one wonders why it has taken this long to come out with new music? To everyone we say that we don’t just walk into the recording studio with half written songs, we want something for you to remember. And this album will have you cheering for the beach, loving your partner even more, and most of all crave more of the men from Static Fiction.

They plan on making a dent in music history! So with out further ado ladies and gentleman….Static Fiction!



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