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Spotlight on Downsiid – “Part of You” Video

Downsiid promoLooking back to the day I discovered Dowsiid, I’ll never forget watching the video “Not With Me.” Since then they have been featured in my Only In Texas section and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting every one of the members when I took a special trip to Corpus Christi, Texas in December 2011.

I couldn’t wait to see these guys perform. Well I follow my heart and it was right once again….each and every member was straight from the heart!  And OMG…their stage performance TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY!

I am honored to call each one of the members my friends.

Downsiid YvonneTheir new video was brought to my attention a few weeks ago.  You can’t imagine how hard it was to keep my feelings to myself!  I wanted to shout it out to the world.  But unfortunately I had to wait till Downsiid made the video public. Well the time has come and here it is folks!! Please take a moment of your time to watch and really listen to what the song is saying…..I promise you….”PART OF YOU” IT WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART!!

DownsiidThe acoustic track, “Part Of You” actually stated out as a rap song written by Akira. Initially titled “Tales From The Womb”, the song tells a story from a fetus’ viewpoint of a his mother’s drug use, no father, promiscuity and thoughts of abortion. Akira bought it to the band and String wrote the hook which would later become the actual song when the rap was taken out and the acoustic guitar and cello were added. Designed to make the listener think, the song makes a lot of suggestion towards the debate of abortion but never takes a clear stance.
~ http://iacmusic.com

All over the world each day a decision is made to give or to take the life of an unborn child. This is the song of the unborn. get the single and album from itunes and other music websites.


Watch the video – “Part of You”